Do not fail the children


Do not fail the children

Do not fail the children governments of the world. We are their voices. Children should be protected always. Today I need a tea to bring calmness while addressing a cause very close to my heart.

The tea of choice

I decided to drink a cup of Chamomile tea. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and also taste good. So join me around the table while we talk about caring for the children of the world.

Double pain

Most recently it were revealed by Dianne Sawyer in Escape From A House Of Horror how the Turpin children were abused by their parents and then also let down by the government system that was suppose to protect them. In the special two of the Turpin children Jennifer and Jordan speak out about the horrible abuse they endured inside the Turpin house. They together with one of their brothers also spoke out about what happened behind the scenes as well as the neglect and misconduct they faced in the years that followed.

The Turpin children

The special was hard and uncomfortable to watch at times. It was clear that the women were still in a lot of pain. Then Dianne Sawyer dropped the bombshell that the children were not treated well by those who were ordered to take care of them. Their mistreatment were confirmed by several people who were on the inside of the case. These children were taken from one unsafe place and placed in another unsafe place we heard.

Do not fail the children

The Turpin children are just one heartbreaking story. Sadly there are many more stories like that around the world. Governments from all over the world need to do better. Children need love not hate. Protection from the evilness of the world. Not exploitation. Justice not injustice. Communities who watch out for their children. Also governments who prioritize the well being of children.

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