Christmas in South Africa

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Christmas in South Africa

Christmas in South Africa is a family affair

It is all about family. It is the biggest holiday celebrated by South Africans. Many companies closes between Christmas and New Year although Restaurants and vacation spots are thriving during this time.

Dashing through the snow..

Unfortunately NOT. Christmas is high Summer in South Africa with very hot days, sweaty nights, packed beaches, surfing competitions and time for families to be together, playing cards, sitting around the fire beer in hand, relaxing after a hard years’ work.

Father Christmas

The big old guy still dresses up in red with a big white beard. Most people celebrate Christmas with the giving of presents on Christmas eve with Father Christmas arriving by foot, bicycle, horse, truck whatever is available at the time. While many light displays shows him on his slay, that is just not possible in my sunny country.

No school

There are no Santa schools in South Africa or gathering of Father Christmas and fellow colleagues.

When I was young, there used to be a Father Christmas in every shopping center but not anymore. There are only a few Christmas decorations in the stores. Families make use of family members or friends to play Santa to their kids.

Shine your light

One thing that is still big here is Christmas lights with most towns having an evening when the Christmas lights are switched on. It is a big event with stalls and singers and beautiful lights.

A night to remember

Many charities and also individuals spoil the poor at Christmas where a Father Christmas are mostly driven through the streets by the Fire Brigade in their bright red trucks. For one night, people can forget about their dire situations and the children line the streets in the poor neighborhoods with smiles on their faces, sweets in one hand and a present in the other.

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