Chocolates the new addiction


Chocolates the new addiction

During the past year with COVID 19 raving havoc in the world, people stayed home and ate more than usual. The first weeks of lockdown, there were a shortage of flour, icing sugar and cocoa as people started baking and consuming baked goods. Then one day when I went to the supermarket, I went to the chocolate shelve to find it almost empty. When I asked one of the workers about the empty shelve,he told me that they experience a desperate hunger for chocolates. Just like that chocolates became the new addiction.

I’m not an addict

Well, that is partly true. I never experimented with drugs nor do alcohol rule my life. I have a continued struggle with food though. I loose weight, then gain some weight again. Food a never ending struggle and chocolates have always been delicious.

Blame it on the virus

Yes, we need someone or something to blame for the weight gain during COVID 19. The empty chocolate shelves not just here in South Africa but right through the world says something about the way people are trying to cope with the virus that seems never ending. Eating seems to be a coping mechanism. Better than turning to crime I think.

Chocolates the new addiction

Breaking the chocolate addiction is challenging. In a way it is fearful to try and get away from chocolates. You will then have to replace chocolates as your way of coping. It also means that you will have to start coping with the face in the mirror. No easy task. Just ask me. I have no knowledge about drug or alcohol addiction. Chocolate addiction however is something I am familiar with -shame on me. No, I have not yet found the perfect solution. This is not a success story. It is a work in progress. Watch this space. I will break this addiction. It will take some time though.

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