Cellphones everywhere


Cellphones everywhere

Nowadays there are cellphones everywhere. It wasn’t always the case though. The first public mobile phone call was made in 1985 by UK Comedian Ernie Wise from outside the Dicken’s Pub in St Catherine’s dock to Vodafone’s HQ.

Cellphones changed the world

When I was a teenager we were told about how technology would change everything however I never in my wildest dream thought that cellphones would become so popular, life changing as well as addictive.

Cellphones everywhere

These nifty little buggers can be a real pain in the but though or rather the people using them. It just irritates me when people talk loudly on their phones in a restaurant, library and even the movies. Some people just have no respect for others and think we are all dying to hear what they want to say.

South Africa sold the first mobile phone in 1994. I personally bought my first cellphone in 1998. I remember it to be a Phillips make.

There are limits

I thought I’ve seen it all until Saturday at my local Parkrun. A young Father was doing the Parkrun with his 2 boys. The boys were in awe with the scenic route through the forest and was trying to get their Father’s attention while he was talking and texting on his phone the whole 5km.

I was very much frustrated with this man who were so glued to his phone for the duration of the race. However, I felt a sadness for his two boys who were physically with their Father trying so desperately to engage with him while he was emotionally disconnected from them while connected to his phone.


It surely comes down to balance again, doesn’t it? Cellphones have lots of benefits but surely you can prioritize what and when to put your phone away and live in the moment with the people that care about you.

How about

  • Making a phone free rule when eating dinner
  • Leave your phone at home when doing Parkrun, gym etc.
  • Talk and play with your children without the interference of your phone
  • Put your phone on silent when in public places and walk out when you have to take or make a call

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