Bring a plate of snacks


Bring a plate of snacks

Please bring a plate of snacks

It is time for your monthly club meeting and you get a message with the words “bring a plate of snacks” please. Do you go out to your local bakery to order a plate of snacks or do you make something at home?

The way it was

Years ago it was the norm to bake something yourself or to take a packet of crisps or cracks with different toppings like cheese. It was indeed the exception to get a plate of snacks done professionally. I do however remember there were also people who went to the extreme.

It’s competition time

Nowadays it seems like a competition to see who brings the best snacks. Therefore those of us who do not have money to throw around may feel not so good about ourselves.

I’m a single Mum living on a budget and I always take something home baked. The other day however the host said just bring something small, nothing fancy. Then she showed up with two platters of designer snacks bought at one of the top restaurants in town.

While I brought a cracks plate with the normal toppings on, the others except one lady (all working full time) also brought fancy store bought snacks.

Just be yourself

Me and the other lady looked totally out of place with our plates. We talked afterwards and decided that we have nothing to be ashamed off. We just live within our means. I’m definitely not going to rob a bank just to keep up with everyone else.

You and your plate are enough

For the most part my plate of snacks are accepted, welcomed and enjoyed just like everyone else’s. Years ago complains were heard about domestic airline food and the airline CEO’s reaction was: Do you want to eat lobster or arrive safely at your destination? Don’t go out and spend your last money on store snacks while you have cracks or crisps to bring to the meeting. You are enough.

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