Bored or not


Bored or not

Being bored during lockdown seems to be a regular theme throughout the world during COVID 19.

Some people go through life without any hobbies e.g. reading, stamp collections etc. nor do they participate in any sport or even just meditate. Some hang out in pubs every night after work. Maybe that counts as a hobby, who knows. Normally such people seems to be happy with the life they chose. However the year 2020 became a nightmare for them.


There are so many bored people on the Internet moaning about their boring lives during lockdown. They can’t seem to find even 1 thing that excites them. Not even one book they want to read or one recipe they want to try out. I know someone like that. She confessed to me that she has no hobbies, nor do she desire to get any. She are just bored to death at home during lockdown.


Then there are others who use this time of emptiness to create something, reading the book they always wanted to read, knit that jersey or writing a letter. I like to keep busy so during the past 2 months of lockdown I used my time wisely, setting myself daily targets doing DIY things around my house and garden, sorting out and indexing my recipes while also trying out new ones. To me this off time is no curse but a blessing.


It really is a choice to be bored or not and while I do not understand the desire to be bored (it feels empty to me), I respect personal choices. I like to set goals for myself and not just during COVID 19. I get a very satisfied feeling of success and achievement even with the smallest of goals. At the end of each year I like to look back and take stock of what I have achieved during that year and what I need to put more effort into.

Being bored during lockdown is not an option for me. The next goal is waiting.

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