Books I like to read

Books I like to read

Books I like to read are versatile although there are certain genres that I enjoy more than others. My reading circle recommend some. Books and the knowledge you gain from them enriches your mind and soul. Reading was very much part of my life growing up. The days before Television and especially the Internet was what I call the Golden years. The Library was a major source of information and my favourite place to be.

The Library

Books were everywhere in our home however it was mostly educational and non fiction books. The Library opened up a whole new world with a vast variety of fictional books which I indulged in. During my teenage years I preferred to read romance novels with the additional crime novels. Then after school there was a brief period where I mostly read magazines before I moved on to fact based books

Books I like to read

Since my teenage years I prefer to read factual books: Biographies, True Crime, Educational,True Life stories and Religious lecture. I find the factual books much more interesting than my teenage novels. Last year I went through all the books I read in one year and among all the books there were only 2 fictional books. I also read respectable newspapers and magazines as well as fact based websites. So yes my reading habits have changed considerably through the years. While the above section of books make out 98% of my reading repertoire I went through a few years of books that helped me grow.

Self-help books

Self-help books helped me to find myself and gave me a voice. There was a time when these books were my main objective. I read and studied them and put them to the test. The knowledge I gained from them helped me to understand my past and move on to a better future and a better me. While I do read one or two self-help books a year I no longer need them as much as a few years ago. I have a complete section of them in my bookcase though – they are like having a therapist close by.

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