A birthday to never forget


A birthday to never forget

My birthday on 6 January 2021 started peacefully. This year unlike previous birthdays was very low key. In fact I spend my birthday on my lonesome self at my house. I started my day by making myself a restaurant worthy breakfast. We were in the middle of the second wave of COVID 19 and my town were declared a hot spot so I didn’t want to go out for breakfast.

Happy birthday to me

I then proceeded to do my daily bible study after which I went for a walk with my dog Millie. What a beautiful sunny day! Now it was teatime. A mini carrot cake was my birthday cake and peach ice tea my birthday drink. I sang happy birthday to myself and did a few hoorah’s. It is not so bad to spend your special day in solitaire. A birthday to never forget.

Time to watch a movie

My lonesome birthday was going to be spend watching movies on Netflix. Before indulging on chocolate in front of a movie I first wanted to see what is going on the world and went through my local South African news sites before switching to international news. CNN is my preferred station. What a shock when I saw the live coverage with photo’s and video’s of the storming of the Capitol. I nearly choked on a peanut. It was surreal. It looked like something from Afghanistan or Siria. I knew the pot in America and the divisive politics was boiling but the scenes seemed unreal.

A birthday to never forget

Forget a movie binge. The scenes on CNN had me glued to my computer screen. I spend the remainder of my special day reading and watching as things unfolded. My birthday will forever be on the anniversary of the insurrection.

The aftermath

My birthday is long gone until next year, however people are still talking about the near coup. Michael Humphrey Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Communication, Colorado State University wrote a gripping article on the tweets of former President Donald J Trump and the study he did on it since 2017 up until the last day of his Presidency. This is a much read.

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