Better not to know


Better not to know

To know or not to know

Mostly it is good to be in control of your life and everything that happens, however sometimes it is better not to know.

Things I want to know

  • The petrol price going up
  • Everyone I care about is safe
  • A snake, insect or spider in my shoes
  • Financial security
  • A secure home

Better not to know

Some things are better not to know because if you did, it could cause pain and suffering even before it happened. Some years ago there was a TV ad where a couple get married and the minister start to tell them about everything that will happen with and to them during their marriage. Awful thought don’t you think?

Things on my list:

  • Life threatening illnesses of yourself, friends and beloved family
  • Date and time of death
  • Betrayal of family or friends
  • Loss of income
  • No longer to take care of myself
  • Anyone I love becoming a crime statistic
  • The end of your marriage at the start of it
  • Becoming dependent on someone because of incurable illness, old age or disability
  • Loosing your sanity and dignity
  • Rejection by people you care about
  • Being let go from your job
  • Car accidents involving yourself, friends, family

I think if we knew in advance about the bad things that would happen to us, we would live in constant fear and anxiety that will turn our lives into a dark depressive mess, While there are many things that we do have control over and outcomes we can mange to make sure that we have successfully managed our lives, sometimes it is better not to know therefore a happier life for all.

Rejection is something we all fear, now imagine if you knew that your best friend, child, boss will reject you on a certain date?

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