Being Grandma to a boy


Being Grandma to a boy

Being Grandma to a boy is a first for me. Nothing prepared me for this. I raised two girls and then came my first Grandchild.

It’s a boy

My first and only Grandson was born on 16 February 2014. A healthy baby boy entered the world and stole his Grandma’s heart. I am the Mother of two girls so having a boy in the family was a lot different and so I had to learn how life with a boy is.

We have a special bond

I basically raised him until he was 2 years old. He and his Mum lived with me while his Dad lived in another town before he found work in the same town. The first thing I noticed about little Keith was that he was a very busy and inquisitive boy. However I didn’t thing much of it, I just thought that no two children are the same. The first time I held this little baby boy in my arms, I knew my heart would never feel the same again. During the 2 years I was his primary care giver we grew very close

Twenty four hours a day

I took care of the little rascal all day while his Mother was at work. He would lie in my arms while drinking his bottle during which he would touch my face. I would wash the baby clothes while he would try to help – making a huge mess. He took his first steps in my house and walked into my arms. We would bake chocolate cake together – he got so inspired that he bent over the bowl and took a big mouthful of cake mix. His face was covered in chocolate. So many beautiful memories.

Being Grandma to a boy is a first for me

He just turned seven this year and we still have a special bond. No longer a baby however still a special young boy. He still loves to sit on my lap. I cannot believe 7 years already. He is a tough little boy, climbing trees, jumping from the highest part of the jungle gym, taking toy cars apart to see how they are built. What a privilege to be part of his life.

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