Animals come out to play


Animals come out to play

Animals come out to play during lockdown. Animals that were thought to have vanished from the earth due to extinction made a comeback while humans were locked inside their homes.


While the world were inside their homes, the animals came out to play and what a sight that is to see. The animals seem to have such a good time without human intervention. In Venice the seabirds came out to play, in Nara, Japan the Sika deer wondered through the city while peacocks in Spain joined the party and even cows walked the freeways in Delhi.


Yes the world do not belong to the humans. While wildlife are at risk of being shot from the planet, they too decided to show their pretty faces and claim back their world. A puma was filmed in Santiago, Chile while a wild boar took to the streets in Sardinia. Hungry monkeys in Tailand took to the streets in search of food while an Orca made it’s presence known in Canada.


Turtles returned to Tai beaches for the first time in twenty years. These leatherback turtles even layed eggs in the sand. A wild boar family crossed the street in Israel, Rare Finwhales made a splash in France, even a small Indian chivet were spotted.


We all need to be kinder to the planet and the animals whose world this really are. It isn’t so difficult. We just need to respect animals and the earth, enjoy nature and wildlife without destroying and poaching. I have huge respect for wildlife photographers who shoot with a camera unlike those who are out there killing everything and anything. We now have a second chance of getting it right this time around. Let’s not mess it up.

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