All the truths from Dr.Quinn


All the truths from Dr.Quinn

All the truths from Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman the TV show that aired from 1993 to 1998. One of the best historical shows ever made. The show was well written and produced by Beth Sullivan. Right through the show Beth made sure to include truthful historical events as well as life truths. These events make the Dr. Quinn show still relevant today. While the show are fictional most of the historical events are real.

All the truths from Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman

  • There were 6 seasons with 150 episodes as well as 2 movies made during the Dr. Quinn medicine woman show. Several countries still air Re-runs.
  • The first female Doctors faced a lot of prejudice, hate and scrutiny from their male peers just as it was portrayed by Dr. Michaela Quinn when she applied for the job of Doctor and the response of the people when they realise that the new Doctor is a woman. (Pilot- Episode 1 and 2)
  • In episode 3 and 4 an Epidemic broke out that led to the isolation of the town.
  • The plight of Immigrants appear in episode 5
  • In episode 7 the question of Vaccination for small pox results in heated debate.
  • Episode 8 addresses Water pollution due to contamination from the mine.

The plight of the American Indians and the hardships they endured are deeply engrained and very factual throughout the show

  • In episode 9 a freak medical show features an American Indian
  • In episode 11 Cloud dancing teaches Indian medicine made from plants to Michaela.
  • General Custer who was known for his brutal treatment of the Indians make his entry in episode 12.
  • Episode 13 deals with Jake’s alcoholism while episode 14 deals with asthma.
  • In episode 16 racism rears it’s ugly head and Brian has Subdural_haemorrhage after a fall.
  • In episode 18 a civil rights photographer are diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • When Dorothy turns up in Colorado springs in episode 20 Michaela realise that Dorothy is the victim of Domestic Abuse

Although there are many truths throughout the show a mistake did slip in. Colorado Springs wasn’t founded until 1871 – as a dry resort town.

  • Several medical breakthroughs were handled throughout the show – tuberculosis, depression, menopause, typhus, epilepsy and many more
  • The Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania actually existed
  • Washita in the third season is a heartbreaking truth where American Indians were slaughtered.
  • The Klu klux klan ( a real life white supremacy organisation) also featured in the show with Robert E Lee and his wife Grace being on the receiving end of their hate.

Years after the show ended, fans and many of the cast are still trying to give the show a re-birth.

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