A thankful heart


A thankful heart

A thankful heart beats in rhythm with God’s love. When we live with gratitude our life changes for the better. Before I lived with a thankful heart my life was one of bitterness, dissatisfaction and despair.

Gratitude Journal

Many years ago Oprah had this segment on her show called the Gratitude Journal where she introduced and encouraged her viewers to keep a journal of things they were thankful for. Gratitude went from tea with a friend to winning money to being grateful for a job. No gratitude are too big or too small. What matters is that you say thank you

Saying thank you

I was surprised at how much my life would improve when I stop asking and complaining and rather say thank you for all the many blessings that have been bestowed on me. Still, every day there are so much to be thankful for. My life, the air that I breathe, a home, children and Grand kids. I’m not one for wealth and fame, rather peace, harmony and living in gratitude. No amount of money can buy you happiness.

My way

I live with gratitude by looking for 5 things every day to be thankful for. Someday I find more than 5 while other days I have to actively look for things to be thankful for. However even when I’m down and out and all seem hopeless, there are always a thank you out there. It has happened that while I was crying, the sun shone on my skin, warming me. My dog Millie would snuggle up next to me. My neighbor brings me a couple of apples. Whatever it is, I always happen to find something to be thankful for. I keep a diary and write my 5 things to be thankful for inside my diary and tell God in prayer and then thank him for my blessings.

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