A Hug a day Book review

A Hug a day Book review

The title A Hug a day is first of all very fitting

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong” – Meg Lowrey

Growing up in a single parent family

I grew up in a single parent family with my Mum and 2 sisters. My Dad died in a car accident in 1970 and in 1993 I became a single parent of 2 when my husband died, also in a car accident.

I experienced being a child in a single parent family as well as being a single parent and believe me both are tough.

I made it through both and are still here all in one piece.

My Mum was a very strong single parent who mastered the task of single parenting. When I became a single parent myself, I learned from the best. My Mum is 82 years old in 2019 and still a guiding force in my life.

A hug a day – the book

I bought A hug a day for single parents in 2000 in my native language Afrikaans and it have been a constant companion since then. The title of the Afrikaans version translates to A double dose of love which I think is very fitting. It is a book that consists of 365 Daily Devotions.

This book carried me day by day through my struggles, triumphs, tears, happiness and love of parenting my 2 girls as a single Mum and to this day I still read it even though my children are now adults.

The daily devotions are written in easy to read, bite size bits. Patricia takes us through her struggles and joys and as a single parent you find yourself nodding your head in agreement and empathy. It feels like she is having a personal conversation with you. Patricia speaks from her own experiences of being a single Mum of 4 children.

I highly recommend this powerful book to all single Mum and Dads. This book is timeless.

Everybody needs hugs, here are 10 reasons you need a hug

I didn’t plan on being a single mom, but you have to deal with the cards you are dealt with in the best way you can” – Tchina Arnold

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