5 Ways to survive without social media


5 Ways to survive without social media

5 Ways to survive without social media and still be alive and well. There was a life before social media took over and changed the Internet as we knew it.

Why not social media?

While I too dabbled into social media for a while, I came to the realization that social media do not suite my needs and wants. Privacy and safety are important to me. I have to confess that I do have a personal Facebook account which I use to connect with old friends and former work colleagues every once a while.

5 Ways to survive without social media

So without further explanations. Here are the ways I still have a life on the Internet, work and home without being a social media addict.

1. Family and close friends

While most of them are active on social media I phone or text them to communicate. It took a while to get used to though – however after a few months they started to realize that I was not going to engage with them on social media. We send birthday wishes, photo’s and other greetings to each other in this more personal and private way. Sometimes even a letter or parcel via snail mail.

2. Internet

Websites on their own domain that offer the option to subscribe to a newsletter or email list are less crowded and without the fluff of social media. Much more valuable. In this way you can keep up with your favourite websites and engage when you feel you have something positive to add to the topic. Three example websites:

It do take some time to create and establish your own website however it is worth it.

3. In person

Nothing beats real-time in person communication. Invite physical people over for afternoon tea and chat away. You do not have to invite a large number of people to your home – you can invite a few over. Put down your phones and talk while sipping your tea.

4. Digital meetings

If physical meetings are not possible then do a Zoom or other digital meeting where you can socialize with like minded people that can be hand selected to avoid hostile situations.

5. Work and Business

Find and use alternatives to the known social media sites where you can promote and talk about business in a positive way without having trolls take over. LinkedIn add value to your business and possible business partners.

6. Bonus

I do not consider YouTube to be the same as other Social media platforms. It is more educational, informative and entertaining without all the negativity of other social media platforms.

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